2018 POS solutions entering the market place. 2017

2018 promises to be
an intriguing year for the hospitality sector with new and expansive POS
solutions entering the market place. 2017 saw extensive growth in many sectors,
delivering payment solutions to exceed customers’ expectations. Ever since the
hospitality sector was launched in the 1760’s, there has always been a point of
sale system in place. Beginning with the modest paper and pencil system which has
since advanced up to the digital age of the cloud based POS system.

What changes are we likely to see in 2018 for the hospitality industry
concerning ePOS systems?

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The capabilities
and growth of the ePOS software and hardware are likely to allow customers to
pay or order items or services with greater convenience. With advanced software
that provides live cloud based reporting, with the ability to implement loyalty
programs for your customers an ePOS system will become the mainstay within your
business. In addition to this, the introduction of an easy to use back end
system means everything is tailored towards the needs of the business.

Customers in the
hospitality industry want to pay for goods quickly.

Whether it’s a card
machine, mobile app or a cloud based ePOS system, customers want “speed of
service” wherever they are. Society is now geared around giving customers
items quickly. From Amazon Prime’s 2hr delivery promise, through to Argos same
day delivery service, we’ve become a nation reliant on receiving items and
services quickly, and when it comes to paying for goods, customers are no
different. Customers are more content when they are served quickly ensuring
they are kept happy. Having the correct technology platform to meet your
customers’ needs is a fundamental essential. The technology your business
provides customers not only offers customers flexibility, but the whole
emphasis is about speed and safety.  

Most cloud based
ePOS systems are designed for particular sectors, though some ePOS systems can
be tailor made towards a specific business type to cater for the needs of a
customer. You will have optional peripherals which can piggy back onto the

Did you know…

The French word
‘hospice’ has been adapted to form the word ‘hospitality’ that means taking
care of the travellers.

What to ask if you’re making initial enquiries

First and foremost
– be clear about the ePOS software you need. It goes without saying but
choosing the wrong software and supplier could hinder your business and impact
you using the ePOS system to its maximum potential. In the first instance write
down a list of what you want to gain from the cloud based POS system and do
some extensive research before you speak to any potential companies. As you
talk with companies your questions may evolve, but it’s important to work
within your requirements as you know your business better than anyone else.
Factor in simple aspects of stock quantities, how will the ePOS work for you,
do you want individual passwords for staff members to monitor their performance?

A reliable Epos solution

We all know how busy the hospitality industry can be, so to have a POS
system that is easy to use and reliable is a must. If your POS system goes down
you need the reassurance that the system needs to be easily recovered so that
business can continue to trade with minimal interruption. If you would like to