A by modernistic technology like smart phones. It

A game is a
structured form of competitive activity that is designed to help people learn
about certain subject matter, expanding notion, eager to do some challenging,
understand the present and historical event or tradition, or assist them in
learning a skill as they play. Games are designed to facilitate interaction
between players for entertainment or for educational, exercise or experimental
purposes. Goals, rules, interaction and challenges are made for designing a
game. Mental or physical stimulation is generally involved in game design to
help develop practical skills, for educational purpose and psychological role.

activities are progressively influenced by technology. Embracing the technology
widely spread in 1998 as  more than 70
million US adults who were active users of the Internet and the numbers are
increasing rapidly in the US and other countries.1Evolution
in games first began with the computer games, than video games came into being
and now is the time period of advanced progressively android games and IOS games.

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Time to time
technology advanced itself and so many changes occurred with the needs of the
people. So many daily routine physical activities like automated household
appliances, elevators and escalators rather than stairs, television and
computers for entertainment etc are being replaced by modernistic technology
like smart phones. It also contributed in the drop down of fitness levels and
health issues raised up due to lesser physical work in daily routine. But due
to widely spread technology of android apps and games, help you to stick to
your healthy routine diet and activities, to stay motivated and progressively

For human social
interaction games are one of the earliest forms. Integrally played role of it
first started with indoor-outdoor games like tennis, football, cricket,
badminton, boxing, squash etc. Then come the time period of computer games.
Present era is the time of designing games for smartphone and android.

Games are the
oldest forms of human social interaction which allow people to have an
immediate vivid imagination and physical activity. The oldest human evidence of
gaming were found in 3500 BC in ancient Egypt.2The
evolution of video games started from 1970’s and with time it became innovated

 A 2d animated android game is designed for
healthy and knowledgeable guide that help teenagers about the nutrients intake
by differentiating healthy and unhealthy food. A very good definition of game
by Collins dictionary is as follows:

“A game is an
activity or sport usually involving skill, knowledge, or chance, in which you
follow fixed rules and try to win against an opponent or to solve a puzzle.”3




Video Games

The world’s
first video game console is Magnavox Odyssey (Fig.No.2) developed by Ralph H.
Baer in 19724, a
home video game system based on the “Brown Box.” It featured a few simple
games, such as chase game, checkers and shooting game using a rifle peripheral
device. The system has 2 paddle controllers usually associated with board
games. Odyssey also came with nonelectric game accessories like dice, deck of
cards, play money and poker chips. It is also capable of limited graphic
capabilities of displaying three dots on the screen in monochrome black and
white, with differing behavior for the dots depending on the game played and
with no sound capabilities. It was a huge success, selling over 700,000 units
in the first three years of production.5

Video games
first entered in the consumer market in 1970’s6.
First commercial arcade video game, Computer
space (Fig.No.3) by Nutting Associates, was introduced in 1971. Atari
became the first gaming company to really set the bench mark for a large scale
gaming company. In 1975 Atari introduced Pong (Fig.No.4) to the arcades. It was
sort of like tennis and we would spend hours playing it. Pong was a huge
success when it came out. Opening door to the future of video games7.
1977 released their first console Atari 26008.
It brings variety to the home with its game cartridges. It consists of
joysticks, different games, colour games and introduced video games to

For a decade US
companies dominated both the arcade and video game markets. Japanese company,
Nintendo, released its 8 bit Famicom console (Fig.No.5) (renamed the Nintendo
Entertainment System for the US market) and another, Sega, released its 8 bit
Sega Master System in 1987. By the time Sega had released its 16 bit Mega drive
(known as Genesis in the USA) in 1989 and Nintendo had released its 16 bit  Super Nintendo Entertainment System (“SNES”)
(Fig.No.6)  in 1991, the Japanese
companies were enjoying an increasingly firm grip on the global video games
market. Lead by Sega and Nintendo, the games industry reached its cyclical
zenith around 1992/3 with combined sales over 55 million hardware units.9

With the arrival of  Nintendo’s Game Boy mobile gaming goes on
prevailing (Fig.No.7). It goes on to sell 118 million units. 1994 Engineered to
accommodate rapidly improving graphics, Sony’s PlayStation changes gaming and
launched in 2000, PlayStation 2 sells 150 million units.10

Gaming industry
ranked the 3rd largest industry of the world. Through the sales of
different systems and genres, the video game industry has a major impact on the
economy. Games can have a huge impact on its followers and players. People are
getting so much involved in games that they try to copy the characters.
Physically and mentally games are leaving impact on the people rather than
watching a movie or TV.

Today in the U.S
97% of teenagers play video games, and sales of games are rapidly growing. The native
video game industry brings in nearly $12 billion a year.11
The “positive” impact on the user is that video games may help them
to improve their manual capability and computer literacy. Ever new emerging and
improved technology provides players with better graphics that give a more
“practical” effective playing experience.

PC Games

Early 1984, PC
game market had created because of the advent of reasonable and programmable
home computers by Commodore (Fig.No.8) especially in the UK, by BBC and
Sinclair. At the end of the decade, computer games market developed itself and
replaced the home computers by growing use of IBM-compatible PCs in the home
and the cheaper and more games-orientated Atari ST and Commodore Amiga range of
computers. In the PC games market continuous hardware evolution occurred but it
never affected by the swift downturn experienced by video games market. By 1994
the PC was the most important computer games platform and with the video games
industry in decline had become the most important games platform overall.12

4.3 Android Games

Android is the
most popular smartphone/smart devices platform in the world. Due to the wide
spread of technology, computer has been improve and it assimilates into the
nowadays advanced technology like tablets, touchpads and mini pads. Most of the
tablets are powered Android OS system to execute android programs. In years,
Games are also being implemented by the use of the World Wide Web. New faces,
styles of games or apps are being discovered and developed by the developers
which most of the people were looking for. Android tablets, smartphones and
touchpad have attractive features of game. Common user may curious to explore
the different version, style games and enjoy from it. From the famous Facebook
game CANDY Crush, tablet games Plants versus Zombies, Temple run, Bubble Mania,
and Angry Birds, people get to explore and download games that might fits to
their needs to lessen the boredom and also to educate themselves.13