A Economics conferences up to now, I have

A reflective note on the lessons learned in the course of economics so far.From the Economics conferences up to now, I have learned many things. Some of them include -How to read the graphs and analyze them.How to use computers to analyze economic data, which is generally of a complex nature.How to use mathematical tools and relevant statistics to solve economic problems.I learned about the history of the various laws of economics.I heard about the presence of various international economic institutions.Problem solving skills learned, that is, how to extract information, draw conclusions and then make recommendations on the problem.How to make predictions about changes in government by the government.How to understand the conditions of the market and the effects of these conditions in our daily lives.Understand how the government presents different welfare schemes.Understand how government policies affect the externalities of a company.We understand how liberalization, privatization and globalization affect the economy of our country.I learned how advantageous or damaging international trade is for national companies in our country.13. I learned about various types of market systems and their hypotheses and characteristics.14. I have learned of the presence of economies and economies of scale and how it affects businesses and the economy in general.14. Understanding the price and price mechanism.15. I have learned about the presence of different types of goods such as normal, inferior, giffen, complementary, etc.16. He understood various concepts such as well-being, neoliberalism, etc. and its impact on the economy.Suggestions to further improve the quality of the classEconomic conferences are very interesting.1. Using multiple audio or power point presentations will be appreciated as it makes the conference more interesting.2. Even documentaries on theoretical concepts or historical examples will lead to a better understanding.3. Reducing teaching can help improve concepts in a better way.4. Explain mathematical and statistical concepts in a simpler way.