David David didn’t have much respect for these

 David Lurie, was already a older man who’s been already divorced two times is a english professor that teaches romantic literature and he is also a communication lecturer at a technical university in Cape Town. In this post Apartheid time, Lurie, the white man, In a way he gave me the impression that he was not really satisfied with he’s job. In David Lurie eyes his students are uninterested and stupid. David Lurie practically had the same daily routine except on thursdays he would go to see Soraya, Soraya was a prostitute he would meet up with on every thursdays. Until one day David Lurie saw Soraya at a restaurant while she was with her children. This made their relationship awkward witch led her to cancel one of their appointments after that he never heard from her again. After this David slept with the secretary Dawn witch was more of a one time thing or a one night stand how ever you want to call it. Point is that David didn’t have much respect for these women or women in general.  As I said before David had a daily schedule and since he stopped seeing Soraya he’s thursdays has he quoted “Without the thursday interludes the week is as featureless as a desert “.There were days he just didn’t know what to do with himself. He would spend a lot of he’s time in the old university library reading, he would also enjoy the afternoon walks home afterwards. This all changes on a walk home one friday evening, David Lurie  takes the long way home through the old college gardens and he sees her. Her name is Melanie Isaacs she’s one of he’s students from he’s Romantics course. They quickly get acquainted  and after some small talk he ask her if she would be interested in coming in for a drink. At this moment Melanie she paused for a second but didn’t decline they drank wine listened to music talked about poetry. At this point you can already start to tell David was already trying to seduce her in a way he ends up asking her to stay the night but she leaves.  Melanie never showed up to the class the next day, David thinks to him self “A week ago she was just another pretty face in the class. Now she is a presence in his life, a breathing presence”. To David Lurie Melanie Isaacs was what he was missing in he’s life in a way she filled a spot of him that was empty he couldn’t stop thinking of her at this point. This leads David to ask her to go to lunch with him she didn’t refuse. After lunch David promises he won’t let what they have go so far, she fears her too far isn’t as far as he’s. David takes her back home that night and makes love to her on the floor. When they finished she was not in such a good mood, she told him she would go home. She stopped going to class. David starts to get a sort of obsession with Melanie He spied on her at her rehearsal And one day just shows up out of no were to her apartment She tells he “not now” he still takes her and they do it in her room. When David left he knew he just made a super big mistake now she said no and he still went for it.  A full week goes by that she doesn’t show up to class and out of no where she shows up to he’s house one night asking if she can stay the night, They do it in his daughters bed. Later that same after a young man walks into he’s room in a black leather jacket. This young man confronts David about he’s relationship with Melanie.Not much later David gets a notice that a student has filed a complaint on him, Its by Melanie. At this point David is forced to go before the committee but the odd thing is that he tells them that he pleads guilty to everything that Melanie says that happened without reading her testimony. All of he’s co workers tell him don’t let your carrier go to waste for this just. All David had to do was publicly apologies for what happen with Melanie but he refuses witch later lead him to loose he’s job. After closely analyzing David and Melanie’s relationship, I feel David didn’t respect women before he got to know Melanie he used them till he got tired of them. While when he met Melanie he didn’t have control of he and he knew it was wrong so I guess it made him want it more  Im not saying that there relationship was right because it wasn’t I don’t believe older people should date children or young adults its just wrong and shouldn’t be allowed. I can’t blame Melanie as much as I blame him she was a kid confused learning how life worked and he took advantage of that and her. While he was a full grown man very aware on the situation he was putting him self in.