E-COMMERCE E-commerce & E-business to the society. E-commerce



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                       The seminar deals with
the different comparison of E-commerce & E-business.

E-commerce & E-business process in
same ways but they provide their service in different ways. Here, we can see
the method, process, service etc. of E-commerce & E-business to the
society. E-commerce is a transaction of buying and selling through online.
E-commerce draws on technology such as Mobile commerce, EFT, Supply chain
management, internet marketing, online transaction processing etc. E-commerce providing
or participating  in online market
places, which process third party B2C or C2C sales.

                         Business simply any
kind of business or commercial transaction that includes sharing information
across the internet and E-business simply the business transaction of the firm
can exchange goods and services and with other companies, can easily possible
through the E-business.

                          So, we can get the
clear about the different comparison E-commerce and E-business and also examine
the influence of E-commerce in our social daily life and examine the
development of business field with the help of E-business.

             Keyword : Description of
E-commerce & E-Business, Basic comparison of E-commerce and E-business,
Successful E-commerce persons


is most transforming invention in human history. It has the capacity to change
everything. It has transformed the whole business world. The whole business
transaction should be changed in to the world of internet. We can buy or sell
goods and services through internet. The process is also known as ‘Ecommerce ‘.
Ecommerce is the fast growing business process in the world. Ecommerce is
concerned with the buying and selling information, products and services over
computer communication networks. Ecommerce is a large platform for ordinary
peoples to directly interact with business. They are easily buy or sell goods
and services with the help of smartphone. It means that the largest business
process will transformed into a finger touch in over smartphones. Large number
ecommerce sites are available in the internet. We can visit the particular
sites and buy products with 100% genuine. Ecommerce is the subset of
E-business. E-business is conducting business on the internet but not just
buying and selling but also servicing customers and communicating with business
partners. The whole business process should be done through the help of
internet. Business can simplify through the process. In E-business, the process
or areas involved in the running and operating of an Organisation those are electronic
or digital in nature. This includes direct business activities such as
marketing, sale of HR management and easily indirect activity are able through
E-business. Now we knows that business not high risk process it will simplify
into E-business and E-commerce.

 There is number of E-commerce success stories in
India, also other countries. Most usable and popular E-commerce sites are
developed in our digital market. E-commerce will also grow with the help of
some successful persons and their effort. They will provide most usable
application to the society for easily interpret with the business. E-commerce
will readily available through the sites at any time at any place. We cannot
forget the effort of that person.


Ø  To
know about E-commerce and E-business.

Ø  To
find out the basic comparison between E-commerce and E-business.

Ø  To
know about, how can affect the E-commerce in our society and customer’s daily

Ø  To
find out, how much useful the E-commerce and E-business.

Ø  To
know about basic E-commerce sites and E-business portals.

Ø  To
know about, successful person and their project in E-commerce field.


and E-business is a new method of business with help of internet. We can buy or
sell goods and services through internet in online market. And the largest
business process should be simplified in a computer network is known as
E-Business. My study is based on currently available data related with this
topic published by various authors’ bo0ks and various websites. My paper
secondary data with my major knowledge about the topic familiar with my
academic syllabus

ECOMMERCE- ‘The future of
world business’

is not just a business method. Every person should be related or part of it.
Every person should be use E-commerce business method at least one time on
their daily life. Because, E-commerce is strongly affected in every kind of
people in our world. And we can strongly say, that 90% of people using
E-commerce for buy or sell goods & service. There is a main reason for
that, E-commerce is not a high risk process. It will available in our smart
phone and we can easily access to the E-commerce and we have able to easily
purchase or sell of any kind of good & services. E-commerce is not just a
business process. It may be, the new business future of our world.

                        Now we can examine the
popular definition given by the E-commerce. According to P.Timmers, simply say
that “electronic commerce is about doing business electronically “. We can also
check other definition. According to Andrew.B.Winsten E-commerce as “it
provides the capability of buying & selling, production & information
on the internet and other online services”. Large numbers of business thinkers
are given well meaningful & structured definition to E-commerce

                        E-commerce is short for
electronic commerce. It has become synonymous with selling & buying over
internet. E-commerce includes all business transactions that use electronic
communications & digital information processing technology. And it just a
simple process, for concerned that buying & selling information, products
& services over compute communication network. E-commerce through new ways
of transferring & processing information.

                      Commerce is a
communicative transaction between two parties: Buyers & sellers. In
E-commerce somebody must do the selling & somebody must do the buying. The
buyer can only see the product not touch or feel before buying. But we can take
case of traditional E-commerce. We can goes to the market and easily purchase
the product with any quality checking .in traditional commerce both buyers  & sellers actively participate & paly
their respective rules in exchanging products or services. But we consume our
valuable time through the E-commerce

                       E-commerce makes the
revolution in our market. The customers buying behaviour is totally changed.
Their also interested and believes with the use of E-commerce. because simplify
their business process Without doubt. We can says that E-commerce is influence
the whole customer in the world   


is wide range of business environment working with world’s largest network,
internet. E-business simply refers that, doing business electronically.
Business transaction other interpretation of business entities are also
controlled by internet through E-business

                        Electronic business,
shortly known as E-business, is the online presence of business. It can also
define as the business which is done with the help of internet or electronic
data interchange i.e. is known as E-business. E-commerce is one of the
important components of business, but it is not an essential part. E-business
is not confined to buying and selling of goods only, but it includes other
activities that also form part of business like providing services to
customers, communicating with employees, client or business partners can
contact the company in case if they want to have a word with company, or they
have any issue regarding the services etc. All the basic business operation are
done with electronic media

                        Recently business firm
started to do their business over the internet. The internet has given great
momentum to E-commerce, because it is cheap compared to other type of network.
E-business simply says that, the process or areas involved in the running and
operation  of an Organisation that are
electronic or digital in nature.   





E-commerce is the subset
of E-business. E-commerce are some similarities to E-business.

E-business is very
broad concept while the E-commerce is only a part of it.

E-commerce is defined
as conducting business communication & transaction through computer
network. It is buying and selling of goods and services through digital

E-business is
conducting business on the internet, but not just buying and selling but also
servicing customers communicating with business partners.

E-commerce Involves
those activities which are essentially in nature of monitory transaction.

In E-business, there
are many other things beside selling including procurement of raw material or
goods, customer education, looking for suppliers etc.

E-commerce has also
been defined as a process covering outward processes that touch customers.

E-business covers
internal process such as production, inventory management, product
management, risk management, finance management etc.

E-commerce requires a
website that can represent website to the business.

E-business requires a
website, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning
running the business over the internet.

E-commerce uses the
internet to connect with the rest of the world.

In E-business, the
internet, internet and extranet are used for connecting with the parties.





India is now
shopping online like never before, and flipkart is the hot destination of every
internet users. The master mind behind the idea, one of the first people to
establish an E-commerce website in India is Sachin bansal. IIT graduate and
business man who created something of a history in the great Indian internet shopping
revolution. Sachin bansal and his friend Binny bansal decided that it was time
to start Indias own E-commerce website. Their brainchild is flipkart the
founders Sachin & Binny not really sure of the idea. In the early days the
two friends delivered Books to the customers themselves on their scooters.
Flipkart was only selling books items at the beginning. They suffered many
difficulties in the initial stage of getting the book to the buyers, At least
Flipkart later expanded & began selling other things like electronically buy
goods & lifestyle products. Sachin bansal also won the entrepreneur of the year
award for the year 2012-2013




Jack Ma is the founder of the E-commerce
giant Alibaba and is a stake holders at alipay. He is now officially the richest
man in china with an estimated Net worth of 25 million dollars. Alibaba and
Jack ma, although are not house hold names out of china, you must know that
Alibaba is worth more than Facebook, and processes goods more than E-Bay &
Amazon combined. Jack ma simply says that in any occasion he was a rejected or
failed person on his different stage of life. Alibaba is a chinease
multinational E-commerce, retail, internet, of technology conglomerate 1999
that provides C2C, B2C, & B2B, sales services via web portals, as well as
electronic payment service, and shopping. Alibaba is the worlds largest &
most valuable retailer since April 2016 with the operation of in over 200


My important findings are
E-business is a very broad concept, E-commerce is the subset of E-business.

E-commerce facilitates
are mostly influence in every kind of people in the world.

People change their
buying behaviour through E-commerce.

Business firm use
electronic commerce for the better performance and better interaction with
other business firms.

In modern world, there is
new platform for conducting a new business environment.



                      E-commerce is the major
part of business it can also be said that E-commerce is E-business websites,
but E-business is not necessarily E-commerce. The former is just the online
presents of the conventional commerce and the same is the case with the letter.
At present most of the companies are doing E-business to capture the maximum
part of the market. E-commerce is totally change the buying behaviour most of
the people using E-commerce site for buy or sell good & services they are
also believe with the product and service by the E-commerce provided



by Dr. Abdul Assis Koroth