In one problem can be grasped from the

In the article, exhausting cross-sectional data composed from
three middle schools in Southeast Los Angeles, the research measured the
association of neighborhood violence exposure, gang associations, and social
self-control with past week violence in a section of minority youth in this
particular community.  However, the outcomes
from Poisson and logistic regression models revealed that direct contact and experience
to gun violence, having friends in gangs, and low social willpower and strength
of mind were all certainly related with the aggression. When it comes to the
females as it relates to gang affiliated family members was completely
associated with violence and anger, whereas among males having contact and
people they know in gangs was linked with aggression. Individual expectations
of commitment in future social violence were connected with being male, having
friends in gangs, and fear of neighborhood gun violence. The study recommended
that youth violence avoidance/prevention and intervention programs state the influence
of family, peers, and gun violence on student handling the coping and identify
students with low social self-discipline who could benefit from common and responsive
skills training. Assumed that youth who tend to separate
others through confrontational social behavior are at risk for multiple drug
use, prevention programming to adjust low social self-control scale may be

From my point of view, I do not believe that a foundation or
justification is clearly stated in this article. However, I do see some
consistency with the problem but the way the article reads more than one
problem can be grasped from the literature. Authors should add how the study
will address the problem. In research especially scholarly research a
researcher must have justification to conduct a study. Meaning you must have a
valid reason for conducting the research and make that clear to the readers.
Being grounded is also important because it helps the reader see that you are
confident in your research and what the results will entail. Research is done for
numerous reasons and should have an original problem in which I did favor the
real issue or problem to help me find validity in the study.

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Forster, M., Grigsby, T. J., Unger, J. B., &
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