Introduction global average temperatures in well below 2°C


In 2017, Trump announced that withdraws from the Paris climate agreement, global public opinion were seething with indignation and condemned by the international leaders. Many local governments and people expressed completely a several strength will keep the promise in the United States; the world’s attention does not include the future of the United States.

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In our project, we would analysis the United States and China’s relation in between the agreement. Among with lot of noise about the United States withdraws the agreement on worldwide. And what is the reason does the United States quit the agreement.

Otherwise, China was trying to lead in climate protection. How does it influence between China and the United States in the agreement. What will help in the trade as China in the international place?



Paris Agreement

This is the agreement that the United Nations framework convention on climate change – UNFCCC. It will start to handle greenhouse gas emission reduction, adaptation and financing by 2020.

The language of the agreement has negotiated by representatives with 196 parties at the COP21 Paris convention and adopted by consensus on December 12, 2015.

The agreement aims is maintain the global temperature rise in much lower than the pre-industrial level of 2 degrees Celsius on this century. And address the threat of global climate change, and efforts the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius to the further.

The UNFCCC has enhancing the implementation through controlling the global average temperatures in well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and pursue the efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C above in pre-industrial levels, and  recognizes that it will significantly reduce the risk and impact of climate change. Second, it will increase the ability to adapt to the climate change of adverse impacts, low greenhouse gas emissions development and foster climate resilience which is in a manner that does not threaten the food production. Last is making finance flows consistent with a pathway to towards the low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development.

Every nation who joins the agreement is needed to determine contributions. The contributions that each country should make to achieve the worldwide goals are individually defined by all countries as “country-specific contributions” (NDCS). In Article 3 were requires them to be “ambitious”, “to represent progress” and to “achieve the purpose of this agreement”. Also the contributions should be registered and reported every five years by the UNFCCC secretariat. Each further ambition should be more ambitious than the previous one, as known as the principle of “progress.”

The United States withdraws from the Paris Agreement

In 2017, the United States President Donald Trump announced that withdraws from the Paris climate agreement, and stated that “The Paris accord will undermine (the United States) economy,” and “puts (the United States) at a permanent disadvantage. Also, he said, the agreement “punished” the United States and let the United States lose millions of jobs.

The analyst believes that the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement. It can cause the goal advance that various countries are more difficult toward the Paris agreement attains.

The United States ‘s carbon emissions account for 15% of global carbon emissions, but is containing effort that the global average temperature elevates, the United States has provided the suitable fund and technical support to the developing country.

The influence analysis as the scientists predict global temperatures will rise by 4.2 degrees Celsius by 2010 if emissions are not limited. If the commitments in the Paris agreement are fully implemented, the global warming will be controlled at 3.3 degrees Celsius by 2100. If the United States withdraws, the warming rate will reach 3.6 degrees Celsius.

Analysis the withdraw of the United States

Trump believes that is not fair in the Paris agreement, cause of the United States need to contribute 75% cost for every year. The other difference between the emission reduction requirements of all countries, it will cause the United States to lose its competitiveness.

The United States Environmental Protection in the late 1960s became the focus of attention of the American public and the government. The United States has established a relatively sound environmental protection input mechanism by relying on its mature market mechanism, developed capital market, strong economic foundation and sound environmental management laws and regulations.

According to “Numbeo” data show that China’s air pollution index was 86.82 in 2017, India is 76.63, compared with the United States pollution index was 31.44, close to the Germany of 27.18. The United States is one of the world’s energy consuming countries. Maintaining such a clean environment in a big energy consumer country also reflects the United States investment in environmental protection.

Under the Paris agreement, the United States does not just pay about 75 billion United States dollars each year only and there had be many industries because the United States wants to further reduce emissions.

Therefore, this will eventually increase United States’ energy costs, impact on normal business, economic development, and led to the United States’ economic downturn eventually when the United States Government faces a shortage of funds, what is worrying whether the United States will still be able to improve domestic pollution problems and help the international community to protect the environment.

 China’s role in the Paris Agreement

Climate protection is also an opportunity for China, and the withdrawal of the United States fits in exactly with the ambition of the Chinese Communist Party to pursue its position in the world.

In addition, if China does not control air pollution again, it will be equivalent to “political suicide”. It is because the severity of air pollution in China, the possibility of a mass protest against the government cannot be ruled out. The agreement is one thing, the implementation and standards are another for China.

Beside of Trump quit the Paris agreement, so that China will own organic billed to the responsible international agreement on climate change defenders. But China is not willing to play the sole role of defending the Paris agreement. Several Chinese experts said it may turn to the European Union and other developing countries such as India and South Africa for help in controlling the negotiation direction.

Moreover, China is still in the world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide as embarrassing situations. Furthermore, even though it limits the construction of coal power plants in the country, it also increases the output of such power plants.

And, Liu Li of Greenpeace said that if China can reduce the output of coal-fired power plants to develop more stringent pollution standards and is committed to exporting clean energy technologies, then it is more eligible to carry the banner of the leader.


?    Paris agreement is a good action for climate protection in worldwide. Although, the United States’ situation has been bring an opportunity to get more leadership on international place for China. There has lots advantages for China as promote the economy, it also can increase the trade as import or export in international market: and improve the competition between the international markets.