Introduction is the main foundation in a person’s

Introduction and Career/Life DiscussionThe career choice I have chosen is to become a successful Computer Engineer. I want to create and build a successful business that will transform the world. My career path of becoming a Computer Engineer was inspired by various people such entrepreneurs, inventors, and developers. My mother also inspired me to become a Computer Engineer because she always believed in me that I can do anything in life. She believes that If I work hard I can choose and go to the field of cybersecurity once I finish all my educational career of becoming a Computer Engineer. I just have to visualize clearly, precisely, and frequently and it will manifest itself into reality. First, I plan to attend a two year community college to obtain my associate degree. Then, I will transfer to a four year university/institution to obtain my bachelors degree in Engineering.  I want to finish my education because it is the main foundation in a person’s life in order to have a successful career in life. The lessons I learned in psychology will help me improve and enhance my ability in some areas where I feel the need of an improvement whether it’s about communicating, personality, or memory. Computer Engineers use psychology to guide the design of products, systems, and devices we use on a daily basis. Engineers often focus on performance and safety of product. Computer Engineers  use psychology because they are concerned with the modification of the equipment and environment that surrounds the people and to the way it is being used, it is based upon their psychological objectives of improving overall system performance of the product. Everything I have learned in psychology will help me enhance my abilities to it’s full potential and serves as a foundation in order for me to become better when analyzing the real world. Thesis Statement An analysis of the psychological concepts will reveal that it can impact my life and career choice in the future: Memory, Stress, Motivation, and Personality.Four Concepts “Memory is the brain processes involved in the encoding, storage, and retrieval of information.” Licht, Hull, & Ballantyne (2017, pg. 235). Memory is an important concept of becoming a Computer Engineer because there are a lot of things that a human brain has to process in order to build and develop a successful product. It consist of temporary storage which is the “short term memory” as well as more of permanent storage that is a “long term memory.” The importance of the role of memory is very significant because Computer Engineer have to collect information and research in order to have an idea or concept for the future products that he/she is willing to build. (encoding). Computer Engineers must also be able to process previous stored informations in order for them to develop a prototype design of the future product. (storage). The last but not least that a Computer Engineers must always remember is that they should be able to access and process that information that was encoded and stored in their memory in order to build a successful final product that can be produce to the market. (retrieval). Memory is a very significant concept in the role of a Computer Engineer because it involved processing information that communicates different parts of our brain. “Stress is the response to perceived threats or challenges resulting from stimuli or events that cause strain.” Licht, Hull, & Ballantyne (2017, pg. 498). Stress is a major factor in every person’s life and career. The way I will handle stress as a Computer Engineer is that I have to prioritize the main important works and I will have to utilize the use of time management. Being a Computer Engineer is very stressful because if I make a simple mistake while developing a product I will have to start over again. Everything has to follow step by step guidelines and procedure so there should be no mistake when building a product, writing codes, and etc. Stress is just an obstacle that prevents people from performing their task smoothly. If I’m always stressed out there is no chances that I will be able to fulfill my duties as a Computer Engineer. “Motivation is a stimulus that can direct behavior, thinking, and feeling.” Licht, Hull, & Ballantyne (2017, pg. 379). Motivation is also an important concept of becoming a Computer Engineer because if I have motivation to do my task there will be a possibility that I will be able to build a successful product and write the codes perfectly. If I don’t have motivation to do my job then the outcome will not be great. Computer Engineers are always motivated to create new things everyday such as technologies, codes, machines, and etc. Once I possessed the skill of being motivated to perform my task it is up to me to do my job successfully. Motivation drives me to push beyond my limits or think outside the box in order for me to enhance my skills to it’s full potential. “Personality is the unique, core set of characteristics that influence the way one thinks, acts, and feels, and that are relatively consistent and enduring throughout the lifespan.” Licht, Hull, & Ballantyne (2017, pg. 456). Personality is a vital concept of a person. If you don’t have a good persona others will not be able to cooperate efficiently. As a Computer Engineer I should always portray a good personality because I can be a role model to other people and inspire them to become just like me. Computer Engineers personality is always tested in a daily basis because of the course of heavy and rigorous work loads. Superiors and people expects the a perfect performance and development of a product. But keep in mind that people have different personality not everyone is the same. People should always put things into perspective. Personality is like the most vital component of becoming Computer Engineer even though you are very intelligent person but if you have a bad personality, it will most likely that people would not want to cooperate with you.Discussion of Journal Article In a journal article research “Recognition Without Awareness: Encoding and Retrieval Factors” by Craik, Fergus. I. M., Rose, Nathan S., & Gopie, Nigel. (2015)., it talks about the study that investigated the earlier work about memory and recognition of the complex problem by having different participants to study words in different ways and then attempt to recognize the words that they studied later on in a series of test.The purpose of the article is study different participants from the experiments using different types of experiment and test that will explore the notion of memory to recognize the problem without their awareness. The author builds a strong case by using a complex visual pattern from previous experiments of the past psychologist. This research aligns with my concepts because it helps  me to distinguish a broad topic about memory. It helps me determine the different types of engineers and how recognition can have such big impact on memory. Conclusion This research provides the broad idea about effects of the psychological concepts in a daily basis of our life. Psychological concepts can either help you improve in your career or it can be a burden to yourself, it just depends on how the person work ethics is being portrayed. Different psychological concepts have different purposes in our lives to help us grow as a person. When choosing a career you should not go to the field where your goal is to earn just the money, I recommend that we should all pick a career that we are going to be happy about, not just about the money because you can be anybody you want as long as you put your effort to achieve that goal. Picking a career can be psychological tiring and stressful because you never know if you made the right decision. My four concepts which is memory, stress, motivation, and personality all ties in to my research because it was all the four psychological concepts that can portray me and help grow as a person with a successful career in the future.