Jonathan his son was born. Swift’s mother didn’t

Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland on November 30, 1667, and is an Irish author and a satirist.  His father, who was an attorney, died two months before his son was born. Swift’s mother didn’t have a steady income, so his mother struggled to provide for him. Swift had many impacts in the british 18th century which included the Gullivers Travel, The Modern Proposal. While he was young, Jonathan was diagnosed with a Meniere’s disease. Meniere’s disease is a condition of the inner ear that leaves the affected ear hard of hearing and nauseous. Afterwards, Swift’s mother gave him away to Godwin Swift, her late husband’s brother and a member of Gray’s Inn. Gray Inn is a well known law school located in London. Godwin Swift enrolled Jonathan into Kilkenny Grammar School from 1674-1682, which was considered the best school in Ireland. At the age of 14, Swift got his undergraduate at Trinity College. In 1686 he went on and received his Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1688 Swift moved to England because of the Glorious Revolution to have a fresh start. For 10 years, Swift worked in Surrey’s  Moor Park. Surrey’s Moor was a church and he was an assistant to William Temple. In addition to this, Swift is also recognized as the defender of Ireland after he wrote the “Modest Proposal”. In 1724 Swift drove the Irish individuals in their protection against the English, who kept on abusing them. He composed numerous open letters and political pieces with the motivation behind reviving the general population. One of his most celebrated expositions, “A Modest Proposal,” Satirically proposes that the Irish tackle their issues of starvation and overpopulation by eating their young. Quick likewise occupied with broad critique on religion, however these works are very little read today. Despite the fact that Swift’s character was broadly known by the nationals of Dublin, nobody approached to report him when a 300-pound remunerate was offered for his capture.One of Jonathan Swift’s most infamous book is “Gulliver’s Travels”. Gulliver’s Travel is about a Lemuel Gulliver who has gone on a worldwide journey to write all his spectacular adventures. The book is divided into four parts with an introduction. In part one, Gulliver is the victim of a shipwreck, where he is held captive on an island called Lilliput by eleven inch people called Lilliputians. The Lilliputians call him Mountain Man and Gulliver feels like they are argant{arrogant};however, he agrees to go to war against Blefuscu, an enemy island. He wades into the sea and destroys the Blefuscu forces and becomes the hero of the Lilliputians, so the people reward him by allowing him stay apart of the island. Despite this, he begins to destroy his relationship with the Lilliputians after he declined the enslavement of the Blefuscu people and urinating in a fire place. Gulliver’s actions angered the king of the Lilliputians and called an order for his arrest. Gulliver then converts one of the Blefuscu warships into an escape ship and makes his way back to England and reason that the irish might as well be cattle to get butchered by the english. {ending of sentence make no sense} The Draphire Letters is Swift’s response to the continued subjugation all aspects of lives living in ireland in which he wrote anonymously. The letters aroused some people that they offered an award of 300 dollars for the name of the writer who wrote it. In Swift’s final years he had a stroke that left him unable to speak. In 1742 he was declared mentally incompetent and died in 1745. He left all his fortune to charity. {the ending where you talk about swift is out of place, move it somewhere where it will have impact}Part two tells the tale of a second adventure. After Gulliver’s short time at home he takes a position as a surgeon upon a ship. He heads out with a group of his crew to get water and lands an island full of giants. All of his crew ran in fear and left Gulliver who got captured by the giants. The giant that capture Gulliver was a farmer. The farmer takes him home and puts Gulliver in the care of his daughter who treats him more of a pet or toy as a result she makes him do rather unlikely things. Gulliver is then sold to the queen {queen of what} by the farmer. She introduces him to the king where him and the king have many conversations about his hometown. The king is surprise at the petty, selfish way of Gulliver’s people. Eventually he is picked up by a giant bird and dropped in the ocean where he is again saved by his people.Part three despite all that has transpired Gulliver still has the urge to explore and travel. This time his ship is captured by pirates. When Gulliver escapes, he makes it to land but is pulled up to a floating piece of land called Laputa. When Gulliver meets the Laputa people he finds out that they are a logical race who operate entirely off of science, math, and music. Gulliver meets many of the people including the king and the astronomers who move the island by the magnetic force. Gulliver gets bored and frustrated with them because of their lack of communications. So he visits the island beneath them and orders several ancient ghost. He then several famous people before returning back home.In the fourth and final part Gulliver is the captain of his own ship that is handing to barbados. Some of the crew became really ill and eventually died which forced him to get replacements. The new replacements turned out to be pirates which convinced the crew into mutiny against Gulliver. They maroon him alone on a island, where he soon gets attacked by a group of grotesque humanoids that climb trees and defiant on him. A horse appears to save him from the attack and finds out that the horse is actually a Houyhnhnm in which the human like things he save him from were called Yahoos. Gullivers learns a great amount the two races, who is referred to as his master. The Houyhnhnm government declared Gulliver as an Yahoo and demand that he lives with them or leave. Gulliver builds a canoe and takes sail to the neighboring island, where he is rescued by the portuguese sailing team. He then returns to home where he buys two horses and loves them more because he feels so traumatized from his last experiment. When Jonathan Swift wrote “Gulliver’s Travel” he used it as form of satire  to express the way society is set up. When Swift entered politics as an irish bishop he tried to get Queen Anne and the Whigs to grant some financial aid to the church. They refused, and Swift turned against them even though he had considered them his friends. So Swift turned to the Tories for their political allegiance and devoted his propaganda talents to their service. Using curtain events from 1714-1718,  he describe many things in “Gulliver’s Travel” that remind the readers that the Lilliputians folly was also the english folly. Swift book was successful because it was adventurous and puzzling. His readers were eager to identify the many characters and as a result his reader saw and looked at politicians at whole new way. Many people loved part one and felt like he was an amazing satirist. In books one and two, Swift directs his satire to individuals instead of a broad abstract concept. In book one he is primary concerned primarily with the whig while in book two he is concerned with immoral englishmen. In book three Swifts target is somewhat abstract, as he attack his old enemies, the moderns, the Deist, and the rationalist. Swift believed that people can be rational, but they were far from being fully rational. The fact that Swift wasn’t alone from denouncing this clique of people aroused rage from people like the Pope, Arthbuthnot, Dryden, and most of the orthodox theologians. Even before Swift wrote “Gulliver’s Travel”, he wrote “Argument Against Abolishing Christianity” where he talked about the consequences for depending on reasoning other than faith. Swift believes that religion holds morality together. Swift said “a person who doesn’t believe in God un faith is in danger of misbelieving in disobedience.”  It is generally concede that Swift is the greatest satire artist among the english time period, and possible the most brilliant ironist in any language. The force of his literature was truly outstanding to the society. Many of his opposers called him reckless, spiteful, insane, uncontrollable, etc. This type of reaction from dozen of people just shows how strong his writing truly is. Swifts talents for cliches and inflection of dullness is amazing, and authors such as Herbert Read (in English Prose Style, 1928) have hailed Swift as the master of pur pose style. Prose style writing is made up sentences and paragraphs without any metrical structure. For example, I wandered lonely as a cloud/ that floats on high o’er vales and hills. Swift is without a doubt the best satire artist in the history of satire but is also an excellent 1st rate lite poet. Swift wrote brutal and powerful political pamphlets.Furthermore, Swifts intellectual roots was planted deep in the English rationalism period. This rationalism, with its strong strong moral sense, it emphasis on common sense, and his district emotionalism gave him the standard in which he appraised human conduct. His moral principles were sacred religious. At the same time he see the weakness for women and men and confront them on it. His work can either be funny or savage but either way he confronts his iss in a direct matter. His command on a great variety of prose is unfailing as his powers of making imagery episodes and with puzzle event is extraordinary. Swift also is extraordinary the way he change the society and how they think. Swift saw society for what it truly was. Society at the time was bunch of brainless unreligious type of people. Swift was a former clergyman who wanted to have fairness for the church. But when his friends decline his request he did the only thing that made sense and it was to talk about. He wanted to get his point around one way or another. When he did that he open the world up to a whole new light. A light that no one can see coming. People  are now seeing the unfair grip the government has. Jonathan had done so much damage even before the Gullivers travel that they tried to have him silenced.  After that Swift knew he had to continue and that’s what he did and that’s where Gulliver’s Travel comes from along with modest proposal. This among many reason is why Jonathan swift is the best.