JOURNAL taxi services. Out of all the the

                                                                              JOURNAL # 2


Malik Waqas Khalil

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develop new ideas through thinking out side of the box. Doubt is key to
Creativity helps an individual to develop new idea and reflects what change we
can make in existing system to maximise the profit? How we can compete our competitors?
Till this point I have learned various concepts in this course. We began with
the video “reigniting creativity in business”
I learnt that if we start with doubt on our existing products or services
we come up with new ideas. How many products we have, what change we need in
order to get success in the market. Some time it is necessary to change the
rule and remove the constraint and thinks for alternatives ways to get success in
the market.  

your organization produces only one type of product do not rely on it,
diversifying the products. Try to develop new product and services. Introduce new
product that is unique and having different feature that’s really results in
customer satisfaction. In short your product or services must be reliable, easy
to use or user friendly. If you really want that your organization got success in
the market, make plan in strategic way to implement creativity. Think what we had,
what we want next in order to get success in the market. When you are
questioning to your existing system you can overcome your deficiencies in your
existing product and you come up with something new.

we were thought about the various feasibility
tests among different product i.e. Black Barry vs. Apple Phone and services
i.e. Taxi service vs. Ubber. Some organization have same core product but you
can differentiate your product by adding some feature so people prefer your
product and service. Like ubber really affect the traditional taxi services.

of all the the concept I learnt through marshmallow challenge. How to collaborate
in group, in limited time .I learnt through the video the concept of prototypes
test before producing products in large quantities, it can help weather your
product is verified. Its gives you different scenarios that what is best? And what
is not? How to refine your product, to produce the final product that meets its
specification. If you manage and pay attention to your work along with
specialised skill and facilitation skills leads to team success. I can use this
concept to model my project in future.