l due to peer pressure and for becoming



Smoking is a major
health risk even though people have various justifiable reasons for smoking. There
are numerous negative effects of smoking in relation with health, social and
psychological levels and it even causes death. So when we look in to this issue
more logically and rationally the production and sale of cigarettes should be
made illegal in order to save our future generations and ecosystem.

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The hazards associated
with smoking differ from person to person depending on to their exposure to the
chemicals. It’s not only a public health issue but also great financial loss
for the governments. For example economically poor people in England spend 2.5 percent
of their income in smoking per week. Researchers have shown that more deaths
are happening every year due to smoking when compared with deaths due to road
traffic accidents, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicides. Ninety percent of lung cancer
deaths in men, eighty percent of lung cancer deaths in women and ninety percent
of COPD deaths are happening each year due to smoking. Studies have shown the
smoking could reduce your life expectancy to 6.8 years if you are an average
smoker and 8.8 years if you are heavy smoker. Your life expectancy is increased
to 4.6 years if you stop smoking at the age of forty.

Everybody knows that
smoking is harmful to oneself and to public but sometimes they don’t really
care about stopping it. The effects of smoking in children and teens are quite
severe. Smoking can passively impair their cognitive and intellectual capabilities
and also reduces   their overall growth
and development at a very young stage. Teens start smoking mostly due to peer
pressure and for becoming popular in the group, but they often don’t think
about the serious ill effects associated with that. Children and teens are
building blocks of our society. So it’s our moral obligation to make a safe and
comfortable environment for them.

Tobacco is quite
addictive in nature. It acts a stimulant in smaller doses but when consumed in
larger doses it is potent enough to stop the autonomic nerves and skeletal
muscles. It’s really hard for someone to stop smoking once they started and
most of the time they think about stopping it when they experience some serious
ill effects due to it. Smoking affects most of body parts which includes heart,
lungs, blood circulation, bones, stomach, eyes, skin and even fertility.
Smoking reduces the sperm count and it causes testicular cancer. Unfortunately
our society is paying to treat all these mortality and morbidity associated
with smoking.

Recently the government
has taken initiatives to create awareness among the public to stop smoking.
They offer measures like nicotine replacement therapy, electronic cigarettes,
quit smoking helplines, help from support groups, counselling and
rehabilitation for those who are experiencing ill effects. Government has also
taken some other measures to reduce the availability and popularity of tobacco by
increased taxation on tobacco products, bans on advertising tobacco products,
expansion of the smoke free spaces etc.  In addition to these, the production and sales
of tobacco should be made illegal by the government even though it’s a billion
dollar Industry because it’s a preventable social evil.  When there is no availability of tobacco, people
tends to have less access to cigarettes and fewer tendencies to look for it.

To conclude the
production and availability of cigarettes must be made illegal due to its
detrimental effects on people and society. Society and government should work
hand in hand to eradicate this preventable evil from the earth in order to make
it a better place for living


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