Life The acid water sea because as of

Life below water is one of the Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) to make a better future for the world, oceans, and seas. This goal
is to conserve and sustainably use the world oceans, seas, and marine resource
because oceans provide key natural resources including food, medicines,
biofuels and other product. They help with the breakdown and removal of waste
and pollution, and their coastal ecosystem act as buffers to reduce damage from
storms. Maintaining healthy oceans support climate change mitigation and
adaption efforts. It’s also a great place for tourism and recreation. Even
more, Marine Protected Areas contribute to poverty reduction by increasing fish
catches and income, and improving health. They also help improve gender
equality, as women do much of the work at small-scale fisheries.           

The Sea is a body of water a broad and
relate to the ocean. The sea is a collection of salt water that is very much
and in the earth’s surface a continent to continent and relation of an island with another islands. The water of the sea
is a mixture of 96, 5 % of the pure
water and
3, 5 % other material such as salt,
gases dissolved, organic materials and particles don’t linger. They are fisis
the main sea water is determined by 96, 5 % of the pure water, according to its
history, 4, 4 billion years ago, which first was a very sour with the water
boiling (with temperatures around 100 degrees celsius) with the heat of the
Earth at that time. The acid water sea because as of now it’s the Earth’s
atmosphere is filled with carbon dioxide. The acid of the water causes high
corrosion and cause the sea become salty like this. At that time, the tsunami
often happens because often the asteroid hit Earth. This is happening at the moment type
the woolly rain
or a great college once high because the moon’s so close to the Earth.
According to experts, the beginnings of the Thorik of various versions ; one
version that was more popular is that at the time the Earth began to cool down
due to start the reduction in the volcanic activity, in addition to the
atmosphere at the time covered by dust, volcanic ash that resulted in blocked
the rays of sun to get to Earth.

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As a result, steam
Lahar in the atmosphere started to be condensed and formed a rain ; this is of basins on Earth to the setting up of the
Sea. In future, the amount of carbon dioxide that is diatmosfer to have been
caused by dissolved in seawater and react with ion carbonate to form calcium
carbonate As a result, the sky was getting a brighter, so the sun can come back
in on the Earth and resulting in a process of evaporation so the volume of sea
water on Earth also experienced a reduction in and parts of on Earth, submerged
in water in the process of weathering of rock continues with rain and carried
into the ocean, causing the sea more salty.