LITERATURE REVIEW (Boram park, sookyoungahn andhaejung kim, 2010)this


(Boram park, sookyoungahn andhaejung kim, 2010)this
paper was to delineated the blogging motivations with an emphasis of flow
mediation predict blogging behaviors in that articles they had three
objectives.1st is identify determinant dimensions of blogging
motivations, behavior and flow and also they investigated the hypothesized
relationship between blogging motivations .they took data from  fill out the questionnaire, the data are
collected from student at public southwestern university in the USA .  the used factor and confirmatory analysis
throughout AMOS. and over all finding reveals that the desire for
entertainment, information and efficiency are the primary divers for belonging
behaviors. That study concluded that telepresence of flow plays a pivotal
mediating role to promote both digital engagement and e- shopping behavior
stirring entertainment and information seeking motivations.

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(chiu-ping Hsu, 2o15) this paper was a present a
conceptual model of how both the benefits and risks of social capital influence
online knowledge sharing among virtual community members towards enhancing
member relationship continuity and virtual community reputations. They took
data from fill out the questionnaire, the conceptual model by using survey data
from virtual community members. The empirical results showed that most of the
research hypotheses were supported. That study concluded that the benefits of
social capital and complementary resources have a positive effect on knowledge sharing,
thereby strengthening   relationship continuity and community
reputation. Furthermore, the risk of social capital has a negative effect on
knowledge sharing, as expected.





Dessart, Cleopatra veloutsou, Anna Morgan-Thomas, (2015) this paper was to
delineate the meaning, conceptual boundaries and dimensions of consumer
engagement within the context of online brand communities both in term of the
engagement with the brand and the other members of the online brand
communities. Data are collected through semi-structured interviews with
international online brand community members. This paper suggests that
individual are engaging in online communities in social network platform both
with other individuals and with brand. The study also identifies three key
engagement dimensions (cognition, affect, and behaviours). The paper further
suggests key drivers, one outcome and objects of consumer and objects of
consumer engagement in online brand communities.