MSc path on which I can influence environmental

MSc Environmental Change and ManagementEnvironmental change in the modern world is considered the most crucial issue at present. Many developing countries have faced with a large number of environmental crisis impacts, climate variability and change destroyed country development. Alarmingly, academics and professionals conduct a crystal clear that sea level rising will be the first harmful effect of environmental change. Some countries have consumed natural resources, for instance; fossil fuel, and emitted a high level of air and water pollutions. In addition, these countries’ vulnerability is consisted of their lack of highly-skilled teams and well-funded to participate in complex negotiations. Aforementioned, the example given has also forced me to pay attention and pursue a path on which I can influence environmental procedure to protect and empower the poor. The uneven has deeply reminded me of these concerns. And I firmly believe that I will successfully work toward sustainability and develop against the pressure of world environmental change. I have realised that previous last 20 years, Thailand, where my home country is, has faced with a large number of severe disasters, including the tsunami in 2004 and severe flash-flooding in 2011 which have an effect on more than 20,000 square kilometres devastate farmland and inhabit. The world bank had estimated that the disaster caused in USD 46.50 billion in economic damages and losses, as well as, impact of this catastrophe also stops the country development for almost a year. Considering the recent effect of the disaster, I have observed that the cause of the loses is affected by the environmental change and severe damages to nature. However, I have also realised that the country has low preparation to prevent the natural disasters from the change of the environment due to lacking a team who has good knowledge in the area to manage the environmental change for the country. The most feasibility of the solution in the country is to recover the situation subsequently. After I had seen that there was not a suitable retrieve compared to the economic losses, I decided to consider learning and take part in the environmental studies. It has been given the lesson to the country which does not prepare to prevent the change can ruin sustainable businesses to be corrupted by the environmental punishments.I have been in the environment conservation team at the school in 2011 to protect our mangrove in our local coast in Rayong, Thailand. The activity prompts me to realise where fertilisation and larviculture will have a negative impact on the effect of sea surface temperature endangered their fertilisation. To illustrate, mangrove and coral reef which are considered to be a good value of Thailand fishing economy is suffered from environmental change due to forest encroachment for agricultural land. In addition, not only has the impact affected in Thailand coastal area but also earth coastal area including the Mediterranean, American coast and Atlantic coast in Africa will be under the water resulting in a reduction of residences. valued sea wetland ecology and economic area over 900,000 square kilometres around the planet will be destroyed in the next 100 years if sea level has increased by one metre. I intensely concern that the issue of the environmental change will have gigantic impacts on world current and future economic preventing the development of the developing countries. Understanding and managing the risks of the environmental change is one of the best existing solutions to the sustainable world development.In 2012, I visited Marine Science and Reservation Camp in Samae San Island, Thailand to attend the campaign in a recovery of coral shallow. The activities allowed me to comprehend any issues from human activity affecting the coral reef. There was a small team from independent organisation governed and funded by Thailand government to protect and rehabilitate the natural barrier on the east side of Gulf of Thailand. I had been with a scuba team to participate in a staghorn coral planting. I rapidly realised that the sea lives habitats are endangered and the world cannot tolerant whether if these lives will be destroyed and disappeared. It is a challenge to persuade people to realise the natural coral reef maintenance which is important to the sea lives. Furthermore, there are many human activities and natural phenomena which are destroying the habitat including increasing of sea surface temperature, sea level rising and ocean acidification due to the uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is apparently known that a large number of factories and deforestation have increased natural-harmed anthropogenic contribution such carbon dioxide and Chlorofluorocarbons to devastate the ozone shield causing worse catastrophes to the earth. In addition, my hometown, Rayong, is one of the largest petroleum industry of the country which I have a concern that the plants will emit a high level of air pollution to the atmosphere accelerated a critical change to environmental. It might be an enormous impact to the economy in the countries that lack a team to give them a correct information and application to prevent this issue because a good number of developing countries rely on an agricultural economy. It is concluded that the impacts of the environmental change and disaster will be the first negative effect the stop on the development in the country. This perspective will bring me to be a person who will be able to assist them to sustain these fertile natural resources along with preventions of it for the national economic development.What I have found with this issue is the environmental change is a problem to emerge in the modern world. A priority of sustainable method to life must be revealed. Suffers from the damaged earth including; environmental change, the retreat of glaciers and ocean acidification must be enhanced the devastates and bring the earth back to the equilibrium. It is relatively clear that the manufacturers in many countries have been announced their green production to realise the world and present themselves to be natural friendly manufacturers so far. As a consequence, I strongly believed that after making a decision on my course selection of attending lectures in Environmental Change and Management at the University of Oxford will reinforce and enable me to commit my uttermost further knowledge to protect and revive the earth. I will be one of the environmental contributors and gather priceless inside wealth knowledge to realise the world how the environmental change impacted our lives, along with consulting many of world lead manufacturers perceived correct solution to the change.Thus, after carefully examined that the prospect of taking part in the shared enthusiasm community, and the opportunity to work with experts who are abundant of wealth knowledge will empower me to achieve my potential and truly flourish. Definitely, this degree will equip me with the professional knowledge, abilities and skills to achieve my ambition and goal of manipulating the environmental fluctuation.