Nowadays because with using this leadership styles it

Nowadays the right leadership styles for the managers and supervisors in the hotel is very important.It is because a responsibility of the managers and supervisors is overseeing a department and a group of employee.If the leader have a good leadership styles it will lead a good subordinates.Other than that,managers also need to oversee multiple of business operations,manage stress and effectively communicate with employee so it will reflected to the company profits,organization,and overall morale and the supervisors need to organizing the tasks of the work unit,overseeing the day to day activities of the employee in their works unit and others. First of all,the first right leadership styles of the managers in the hotel is autocratic.Autocratic leadership styles is an authoritarian form of leadership where the leader has complete power over his people.This leadership style is more centralize in the leader which is boss and the leader can make a decision without asking and entertain the subordinates suggestions or initiatives.Therefore,the autocratic is suitable for managers to managing in the hotel is because with using this leadership styles it can quick decision making.It is because working in the hotel our subordinates will facing the different guests from the different places every days so that the request by the guests will also different when they facing a matter is urgent and has to be quickly done this leadership styles are very suitable for the situation for managers to solve it. Furthermore,the second right leadership styles of the managers in the hotel is transactional.Transactional leadership styles is suitable to bring into hotel to managing the subordinates.Thus,transactional leadership styles is known as managerial leadership,organizations, and performance.Leadership styles is receive certain tasks to perform and provided a rewards or punishment to their team members based on their employee working performance results.So that within provided a rewards to the team members,they were have a motivated by its to achieve the short term goals.The rewards such as bonuses.Apart from this,employees who do not perform well should be rewarded for punishing so that they can train well and correct well the employee.For those,the team members that fails to meet the goals the managers can helps and encourage them.  Besides that,