Oscar 1884 he married an Englishwoman named Constance

Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was born into a
intellectual household in Dublin, Ireland in October 16 1854. His father
William Wilde was a successful doctor who was knighted for his work and his
mother was a poet and a skilled linguist. He became fluent in German and French
at a young age, and studied Greek and Roman history and philosophy later in
life. After studying this at the Trinity College in Dublin and later at Oxford
and becoming known for his involvement in aestheticism, which is the philosophy
that art is created to look nice rather than having a deeper meaning to it, he
moved to London. Once he arrived at London he starting to advertise aestheticism
by writing poem and teaching about aestheticism in America, but after he
returned to London in 1884 he married an Englishwoman named Constance Lloyd and
had two songs in the next two years.

After his wedding Wilde was hired to run and edit a once
popular magazine called “Lady’s World”.

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After this his fame spread when he published his only book
The Picture of Dorian Gray in 1891 which led him into writing dramas like
Salome and writing comedies like Lady Windermere’s Fan and his most famous play
The Importance of Being Earnest. During this period of his life he had an
affair with his friend lord Alfred Douglas, who was involved with poetry,
writing, and male prostitution. But on February 18, Douglas’s father, John
Douglas, the Marquis of Queensberry found out about this and left a note that
called Oscar a posting sodomite, and upon seeing the note Oscar tried to sue
him for libel. The trail began in March the Marquis and his legal team
presented evidence such as love letters, proof in his literary works, and
portraying Wilde as a perverted older man that proved his homosexual acts.

He was accused of gross indecency and was convicted in May
25, 1895 and was sent to prison and spent two years there. And due to the
homophobia throughout that time period Wilde was pardoned of this crime just
last year when all of this

When he got released in 1897, tired, weak, and out of money.
During his last years he was at his creative end and only notable work was his
poem about his experiences in prison The Ballad of Reading Goal. Wilde died tow
years later on November 30, 1900 at the age of 46. He died of acute meningitis
caused by an ear infection. But his legacy lives on through his literary