Parents = scholarships and fundingSchools should have a

Parents should have the choice of which education their child gets since parents/children are the “consumers” of educationI will enable school vouchers This will allow parents to choose what type of school the child can go to (public, private, religious, catholic)It is the parents’ choice of where their money will go (what type of school the money goes too)Vouchers will allow parents who do not earn as much money, to be able to send their kids to their school of choice – since private/religious schools can cost a lot of moneyThis policy is right winged because as the right side we often believe parents should be allowed to choose the type of education their child gets (vouchers will make other school systems which are not public be more accessible) Schools need to be effective with the money they are provided with Marketing their schoolProvide schools with money needed depending on the number of students they haveIt may allow schools to try harder (so they can get more money)Better students = scholarships and fundingSchools should have a good idea of how students work best and what limits should be in educationMake sure teachers and principals understand the different ways of educating It will allow teachers to help students and teach so each child can learn the best possible wayMaking sure teachers know how their students learn best and use those methodsAllowing schools to manage a budget rather than “education authorities”This allows each school to use the money on things the school needs instead of having a centralised controla centralised control would not be as able with helping the school in areas where they need help.  If the school is managing they can directly help whatever needs help in the schoolMake sure each school is well aware of their budget so they can make good choices when figuring out what to do with problems.Split budgets for each school based on the number of students they have, the resources they already have, and how well they do as à schoolEach individual has choiceThey should be allowed to choose what type of school they go toHow they learn: homeschooling, private school, public school, religious schoolThis choice is usually based on the parent’s choice when the kids are young but kids can give input when their parents think it is okayHow the money/tax they give in is spent education wiseIndividuals will have à say in It will allow citizens to feel included and that they are sending their child to what they think is best for themAllow vouchers so all types of education are accessibleSupport choices made by parent – do not bias to à specific education