Promotion new members joining every year, “IKEA Family”

Promotion Strategy: IKEA’s promotion strategy will be analyzed based on advertising, sales promotion and public relations. Advertising: As advertising is always culturally based (Blythe, 2008), IKEA works with several agencies (from Mother to BBH Singapore) around the world and has its own marketing team in each region to co-operate with ad activity for that country (Steven, 2017). Although IKEA’s ads vary across different regions, there are some common traits including a sense of humor, “The Wonderful Everyday” brand positioning (General News, 2014) and the focus on lifestyle campaigns. As for channels, IKEA emphasizes social media as well as video platforms. For instance, IKEA UK has 412,000 Instagram followers and encourages people to share images of the products. IKEA Australia partnered with Airbnb in 2014 to invite customers to sleep in its Sydney store (Ryall, 2014). More significantly, IKEA prefers to invest in a long-term partnership with its agencies, which was recognized as a key to success by Laurent Tiersen, Marketing Manager of IKEA UK and Ireland (Hobbs, 2017).  Sales promotions: To increase store loyalty, IKEA launched the “IKEA Family Program” in 1984. With 100 million members and over 10 million new members joining every year, “IKEA Family” is successful by providing a range of benefits such as monthly product discount, 90-days price protection guarantee and free home furnishing magazine quarterly (IKEA FAMILY).  To increase store traffic, IKEA uses techniques such as seasonal price reduction and point of sale marketing materials. IKEA regularly offers special sales on remarkable dates and events such as Boxing Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Back to School seasonal promotions. Also, IKEA excels at presenting their products through attractive posters, roll-stands and other means (Dudovskiy, 2017).