Sometimes noticed.IIt was just a trend that kept

           Sometimes when I go out I will go to Kiva. It’s this cool little bar on the square. The thing I like about Kiva is that they have these local bands and they all have different sounds. The music really does affect the vibe of the bar. Music can really make a place so hyped up or could easily be a sad man zone.  Music really does change the whole atmosphere around you and the people. They had this 70s’ inspired that had this very chill vibe. It was really relaxing, but another night they had a hard rock band that had everyone jumping around and going hardcore.So, I definitely think that music can change how you are feeling in a social situation. It can either make you feel uncomfortable or comfortable. If you like the music you will get into it. You will be more relaxed and maybe do something that you might not of if you were uncomfortable. I have definitely been to parties where the music that was being played made me feel uncomfortable.  Music can definitely make all the people around feel different types of emotions. Music is emotional and is to provoke thought. I truly think that at certain events like a concert you will be hypnotized by everything around you. You will feel what that crowd is feeling. You will have intense emotions. Music can really help with the atmosphere around you. So the functionalism approach to the study of popular music is that allows people to see where they belong to a certain group because of other factors. The popular music would help organize these kids in a certain social class. The rich kids liked the more popular music while the lower income liked the harder rock and roll sound. It was just something they noticed.IIt was just a trend that kept happening. The idea is kind of far-fetched now of days because these kinds of methods don’t work anymore. A rich kid could love heavy metal and a poor kid could love classical. It doesn’t really separate you. Conflict theory approach of the study of popular music that it creates a divide between generation and different social groups. So one group would try to show that they are more powerful than the other group. They show that they re the more dominant ones. Rock n roll was a big one in this.The theorist thought that it would make people look at issues in a different way. You can see an artist like The Rolling Stones and such write these in-depth songs that are anti-war and they would persuade people and would see a certain side of the issue. Conflict issue with popular music could truly change someone mind on a topic. Sociology of everyday life approaches the study of popular music is that music really helps further us as a society. We are going day by day applying new things every day.
    I would want to say that the first CD I got was No Doubts “Tragic Kingdom”. I want to say I was 7 years old. It was 2004 and that album changed how I looked at music. Before the No Doubt album, I really just listened to Disney music. It was something completely different from what my mother played for me as a child. It wasn’t the typical Hillary Duff sound. Gwen Stefani made me realize that you could be edgier as a girl. You don’t have to be that princess everyone wants you to be. It was also really nice seeing a girl being the lead singer of this Alternative rock band. You see a lot as a kid, mostly male singers and searing her be front and center was a nice change. It was a gift from my sister. She is 8 years older than me and she wanted to give me something that she liked when she was growing up. She loved Gwen Stefani and wanted me to experience this really great album.I still love this album to this day. I would say that my taste in music has changed a bit. I think overall though this album helped me develop my taste for older music.  I still sometimes listen to this album but I listen to mostly oldies today. Now of days I listen to a lot of 70s and 80s music. I like the artistry of the music from back in the day. The songs had such a deeper meaning.   Also, I like the style of songs from back then they will sound like stories.I like Tears for Fear, Hall and Oates, Christopher Cross, Chicago, Cat Stevens and many more. My mom got me into this music because this was the music from when she was growing up. It’s something for us to relate to and to talk about. We talk about certain artist who we both like and don’t like. She will also introduce me to new songs that I haven’t heard of .I would have to say that my favorite artist is Don Mclean. He has a way with words. The lyrics are so powerful and moving. His songs are also very calming to me. There isn’t anything too radical in any of his songs; They are smooth. My favorite song from him is Vincent. The song basically sounds like a poem to me. He puts all these emotions into this song and you can feel it. His music is an essential thing in my life and I listen to him almost every day. I can also appreciate him as an artist because he writes his own songs and plays guitar.He is a truly talented artist. He made countless hits and I find myself always going back to them. Music pretty much goes hand and hand with my relationships today. I go to music whenever anything happens in my life. I even judge others on their taste in music and will recommend songs to other people. If I’m going through a bad time with a friend or a boyfriend, I will turn to music to help calm me down. I have made Mixtapes for people that I have liked.  Mixtapes have helped me show these people I like the feelings I have for them. Music can help me express feelings that I might not be able to express in my own words. If I didn’t have music I don’t know what I would do. Music is an essential part of my life. When wake up I listen to music. I usually am listening to music everywhere I go alone. When I’m walking to my classes I will always be listening to music.I usually listen to music by phone when I’m on the go. I have a  playlist I listen to or just go on youtube if I don’t have the songs. I will usually seek out songs I know whenever I’m in a certain mood. Whenever I’m at home, I will listen to my vinyl’s and tapes. The tapes and vinyl just bring a different sound. Music is an essential  part in my life and I feel like it is in many others.