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The american disability act was founded in 1990 on July 26. For the reason being that with people with any sort of disability were not allowed to work or make any soft of living. Similar to how acts speak out on race, color, sex, age, religion The ADA goes out of their way to help others who may not be able to help themselves. On May 24, 2011 the ADAAA was created and did all they could to get the disability act to become more noticed and even trying to get it to be a new amendment act. This would go under with any other discriminatory acts.Furthermore,  many people back then believed and viewed that people with disabilities or “disables” were useless and could bring nothing to the world or workplace. A waste of space if you will. Little do people realize that being disabled is just a thing.. It should cause no trouble. But yet it still does.  A person going out and wanting to do something with their life, wanting to work and show that they can do. A company turning down a disabled person who is willing to work can bring down on the company and give them a bad name. It is illegal and fines and punishments are to come. A bad name for that company will get out and cause less and less people to get out and go to that store. It’s just not disabilities or being legally “retarded”. Disabled veterans fall under this category as well. Men and women putting their lives on the line, their time,time with their families. After everything they do, they have to come home eventually have to come home. When they returned they want to work and continue what they left behind. BIG PROBLEM! People tend to not hire veterans or disabled one for that matter. The rise of the homeless percentage for vets is up 70% (3.8 million due to disabilities from the injuries), PTSD, or other medical problems. So by having this problem of people not hiring vets the homeless rate goes higher and higher. The percent of a veteran becoming homeless is 45%. Leading to drug and alcohol abuse and crime. This issue have been brought to the US court of appeals and they thrive on helping vets get on their feet and realize a problem and deal with it. They do all they can to help vets get on their feet even for life after combat. To conclude my essay disabilities can range from a huge variety of problem.Only because someone has a disability or any problem doesn’t and shouldn’t stop them from being allowed to work. Everyone is equal. Many have the capabilities to support families of their own. The US court of appeals  notices the problems, works with the people or any type of court to help people get somewhere and give them a chance. ( the VA is also helping vets with getting the help they need to they know how to go out, get a job, and not get refused service. Companies need to know what happened when they refuse someone, bad names and regret come with everything leading own that path.