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There are various ways to use solar energy in a house, each to dry the clothes on the clothesline, to burn an area through a greenhouse, produce hot water for the bath or generate electricity using a photovoltaic system. Besides it is possible to see an example of how solar photovoltaic connected solar energy works in the network of the distributor. Simply:1.    Photovoltaic panel  produces electricity in Continuous Current (DC);2.    Photovoltaic solar inverter  converts the electric energy to be used in the house;3.    The heat ready to be used is connected and distributed through the “light board”;4.    Whatever is plugged in will use the power generated by the photovoltaic system;5.    If the photovoltaic solar generator produces more energy than you are consuming this energy is thrown to the grid and will give you “energy credits” to be used at night or on days that there is not much sun.Solar Energy for IndustriesIn the same way, as the diagram above explains for a home, photovoltaic solar energy can be used by an industry to produce its electricity. The difference is mainly the size of the photovoltaic system, i.e., while in a house you use a few photovoltaic panels in an industry is used hundreds or thousands. Another familiar way of using solar energy for the sector is through solar water heating for industrial processes. In addition to these two forms, it is widespread to use skylights in roofs of factories so that sunlight enters and thus generate an expense saving with lighting.Main Solar Energy TechnologiesThere are a variety of ways to harness solar energy as a source of renewable energy. The leading technologies used are the following:1 – Solar Thermal EnergyIt is a form of alternative energy and, a technology, for harnessing solar power to generate thermal energy or electric energy for use in industry and or residences. The first installation of solar thermal energy equipment took place in the Sahara desert in about 1910 when a motor was powered by the steam produced by heating the water using sunlight.2 – Solar Collector – Solar Water HeaterIt is the most popular way to take advantage of solar thermal energy and is used to heat water for bathing in homes (the tremendous solar heaters) and also to generate hot water for industrial use.3 – Heliothermic Solar EnergyThis is another way of using the heat of solar energy to generate electricity. Most often, concentrators such as mirrors are used to focus energy at a specific point, either on top of a tower or in a vacuum tube, to heat the liquid inside and use this cash to generate steam and food an electric steam turbine. In the photos below you can see these two types of solar energy technologies used to create clean energy.4 – Photovoltaic Solar Energy – Direct Conversion of Solar Radiation into Electric Energy In addition to the thermal processes described above, solar energy can be directly converted into electrical power. Photovoltaic energy is today the fastest growing source of clean energy in the world. It uses semiconductor materials like crystalline silicon to convert sunlight into photovoltaic energy. Photovoltaic power has existed for more than 100 years and today is used to generate electricity for thousands of homes and industries worldwide. For it to be harnessed to generate electricity for homes and businesses photovoltaic cells (photo on the right), need to be mounted inside a solar panel for protection and durability, and in turn, this solar panel will be connected in other groups in a solar system photovoltaic. The solar photovoltaic system consists of Solar panels, solar inverter.