There year and roundup ready corn the next

There is only 2% of people in the world that farm and they have to feed 7.6 billion people. There needs to be crops growing all year around to support the world. You are also better able to control weed population better.  That’s why I believe that crop rotation is better than continuous cropping. There are many benefits to continuous cropping here are some examples. With a crop rotation you can control weeds better. Some weeds have the same cycle as the crops you plant. If you plant the same crop every year the weed cycle won’t be broken. But with a crop rotation the weed cycle is messed with and are easier to control. If you plant wheat one year and roundup ready corn the next you can control the weeds that way. Wheat will die if you spray roundup, but if you plant roundup ready corn you are able to spray the corn with it and kill the weeds but not the corn. Another benefit of crop rotation is it improves soil structure and fertility. Different crops use different nutrients. With a crop rotation you are able to plant different crops that have different root length. With this the plants can find different nutrients at different depth of the soil. This saves the soil nutrients and structure.  When a farmer has a crop rotation they have are able to use harvest equipment twice a year. This allows farmers to spread the fixed cost of the machinery over more acres. Overall the crop rotation improves soil health, nutrients, and fertility. But there is always two sides of every story, here are some benefits to continuous farming. If a farmer continuous farmer they have a better chance to save money. With only growing one crop a year you only have to buy seed, fertilizer, and pesticide once a year. All of those things add up to cost a farmer lots of money. In farming there is are lots of up and down years. Some years your crops get hailed out, don’t grow good due to drought. With these years you might not even break even with the costs of fertilizer, and chemicals so expensive. If you only grown one crop a year you have less of a chance to not make a profit. If you don’t make profit with the two seasons of growing crop you can start to have financial problems. A downfall to having a crop rotation and using your equipment twice a year is the risk. The risk of your equipment breaking down, parts can cost a farmer lots of money and time. Continuous farming is less of a risk to losing money on equipment, also equipment will last longer with less use. When your continuous crop your damage your soil. When you have a crop rotation your crops have different root depths which keeps the soil healthy. Weeds can also have the same cycle  as your crops. If you continuous crop the weeds can get out of the control because the cycle is the same as the crop. But with a crop rotation the cycle of the weeds is broke up and is much easier to control. Continuous cropping is just planting the same crops on the same field every year. It damages the soil by tiring it out because the crop uses the same nutrients. With a crop rotation you use different crops which use different nutrients in the soil, which improves the overall health of the soil. With a growing population the world’s soil needs to be has healthy and fertile as possible. That’s why crop rotation is so much better than the practice of continuous cropping.