This control of Vimy Ridge while the British

This is a World War 1 recruitment poster  for Canadian citizens that believed that they needed to help the British and France during the war against the Central Powers (Germany and Austro-Hungarian Empire.)The war united Canadians at first, They were 25, 000 – 33,000 found that volunteered to train for the war at the new camp in Quebec. Until the French and the English speaking Canadians had different reasons for going to war. This is a primary source image of Canadian machine gunners who have dug themselves into shell holes in Vimy Ridge, FranceVimy Ridge is a place in Western Europe inside France. When the Germans mission was to invade France. The British and France had to defend Vimy Ridge. The Canadians Corps objective was to take control of Vimy Ridge while the British and France were still at the Eastern Major Front fighting the Germans there. This show at the time that these Canadians were fiercely loyal and they put their lives on the line to protect their allies France and the British. This is the time was seen as a battle together and it was made a symbol of Canadian national achievement and sacrifice.This is a image of the Vimy Memorial is a monument has inscribed all of the names of the Canadian Soldier that died in France with no known grave.This memorial is a honors the all of the Canadian Force soldiers that died in France during World War 1.  It is located France which means it is one of the two Historic Sites of Canada that is outside of Canada. It was first introduced by King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom to pay respect to the Canadians in their war effort to helping the Allies defeat the Central powers.This is a primary source image of a course of  Aviation that was thought  by the Royal Flying Corps of Canada in University of TorontoDuring the World Wars Canada was known for their Aircraft fleet and pilots. The main reason for this was Canada was teaching Aviation in their Universities.  Aviation is a field of study that focuses on design aircraft and how to operate said aircrafts. This was huge in Canada’s war effort since Royal Flying Corps of Canada was one of the best. So the young people even though they were in school they could still contribute to the war effort.This is a image of a food line at Yonge Street Mission in Toronto during the Great DepressionThis show the amount of people that needed help during the great depression.  And shows how much in need Canadians were.  It show that people were willing to give away free meals to take care of a fellow Canadian.  It shows that the Canadian identity was to help each other outThis is a image of people marching and protesting during the Great DepressionDuring the 1930-1939, the Great Depression as we know it left many Canadians hungry, unemployed or in the worst case without a home. During this hard time apparently the decade was nicknamed the Dirty Thirties. This huge accumulation of citizen, who were mostly men losing their jobs led to the government helping the citizens in need and gave the government more responsibility to take care of the economyThis is a primary source image of a farm that was located on the west of Canada, This farm  was most likely destroyed by erosion and drought through the Great Depression.During the Great Depression the Canadian Prairies were hugely affected because unemployment rapidly increased at the depth of the Depression in 1933. Many companies closed, and the price of most items fell. prices fell. So therefore farmers in the Prairies were hit hard by the collapse of wheat prices. Wheat was their main export. So the one affects on one side of country also affected the citizens of the other side.This is a primary source image of the Allies leaders of World War 2.  Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie of Canada, President Franklin D. Roosevelt of The United States, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Britain at the first conference of Quebec.During the Second World War. Canada did have a lot power during the war. They were not part of the higher direction of the war. It was mostly the United States and Britain. Canada was seen former colony of Britain that was there to help them during the war.Aircraft workers at Malton, Ontario, around the first Canadian-built Lancaster bomber. Named the Ruhr Express.Canada’s industrial contribution to the war effort was huge since the who ever  controlled the sky, controlled the war. Canada was mostly known for their airfleet and their strength in the air.  So Canada was the mainly building aircrafts and sending them over to europe. So the manufacturing of aircrafts opened new factories that built airplanes. So Canadians did what they were at which was building aircrafts.This is a primary source image of three Spitfire Fighter Planes that were used by the Royal Canadian Air Force. The Canadian Royal Air Force was one of the best during World War 2 rival to The German Luftwaffe. A lot Canadian fighter pilots served in units of Britain’s Royal Air Force. Canadian airmen served in every theatre, from bases in the UK, North Africa, Italy, northwest Europe and southeast Asia. Defending Britain and bombing major cities in Germany was two of their majors objective during the war. Note: All research was only done on these website and facts and pictures, descriptions belong to: Morton, D. (2013, August 5). First World War (WWI). Retrieved January 15, 2018, from Foot, R. (2006, July 20). Battle of Vimy Ridge. Retrieved January 17, 2018, from Struthers, J. (2013, May 11). Great Depression. Retrieved January 17, 2018, from Stacey, C. (2013, July 15). Second World War (WWII). 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