Tuan other properties such as commercial offices, car

Tuan Sing Holdings Limited

in the year 1969, Tuan Sing Holdings Limited is mainly involved in property
investments, development and hotel ownership. The Group is based in Singapore,
serving the region with over 60 subsidiaries and associates situated in China,
South East Asia and Australia. The group aims to achieve sustainable growth
that benefits shareholders in the long-term.

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Sing property operations mainly focus on the development of prime residential, industry
and commercial properties in Singapore and China, Shanghai. The group owns
total of 11 residential, commercial and industrial properties in Singapore with
three new properties coming up.


from owned properties, the group invests on industrial services which made up
of 80.2 percent owned listed subsidiary, SP Corporation Limited principally
involved with commodities trading, tyre and auto-related product distribution.

Not only that, the group also invested on Hypak, a 97.9 percent owned
subsidiary, where they manufacture and market polypropylene packaging bags.


investments consist of Gul Technologies Singapore Limited, a printed circuit
board manufacturer operating in China and Singapore as well as a 49 percent
stake in the Pan-West Group who markets and distributes golf and golf-related
lifestyle products in Singapore and Malaysia.


the interest in hotel ownership, Tuan Sing Holdings’ acquired full ownership of
Grand Hotel Groups (GHG) in 2014. Currently, GHG owns the Hyatt Regency Perth
Hotel and Grand Hyatt Melbourne Hotel with 367 rooms and 546 rooms
respectively. Both hotels are 5-stars hotels under the management of Hyatt
International. The properties consist of a total of 284,590 square feet of
retail and office space with 1,600 car park bays (Appendix 1). In addition, GHG
have investments on other properties such as commercial offices, car parks and
rental offices.


Financial Performance

Sing Holdings had a 12 percent increase in revenue from $90 million, in the
year 2016 to 2017 with $101 million. In which, higher percentage of the revenue
were generated from the owned properties and industrial services sectors.


the hotel investments, there had been an increase in revenue (Appendix 2) in
this sector. In fact, the hotel investment percentage profit had been one of
the highest as of 2016. With the experience of hotel ownership and the positive
outlook, further expansions in hotel investment are foreseeable for the group.


addition, the upcoming 18 Robinson commercial property is progressing well and
will likely to begin operation before end 2018 where it will produce a steady


Marriott International

International being the largest hospitality group in the world with rich
experiences has no doubt able to bring valuable opportunities for owners to
maximize their hotel investments. Furthermore, with the Marriott collection of
branding, which targets different segments, Tuan Sing Holdings will be able to
expand together with Marriott, creating a strong and long-term


Sing Holdings creates value by sustaining the principles of ethical and fair
trading, at the same time proactive in engagement of mutual benefits.

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treat our partners fairly and as equal partners